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Sources (click to see the list) | Graphics and data processing: cvcanarias Updated: 06/11/2021

Vaccination by age group Autonomous community

Autonomous community ≥80 70-79 60-69 50-59 40-49 25-49 18-24 16-17 Population %
Asturias 98.8%100%21.9%40.8%14.2%12.2%8.1%0.3%342,96738.1%
Castilla y Leon100%99.7%36.8%25.6%11.3%9.5%4.6%0.3%767,73536.7%
País Vasco100.8%96.8%29.6%38.7%11.2%11.2%5.3%0.1%668,70735.2%
La Rioja100%99.7%42.9%23.2%8.4%6.2%3.3%0.2%86,77232.0%
Castilla - La Mancha99.7%96.9%24%39%10.3%5.9%3.2%0.2%522,15930.4%
C. Valenciana100%94.4%34.6%28.4%7.2%5.6%2.5%0.1%1,238,29629.0%
ES Total España100%95.2%25.1%35.6%10.9%8.7%4.4%0.2%12,250,00230.5%

Sources (click to see the list) | Graphics and data processing: cvcanarias Updated: 06/11/2021

Los porcentajes se refieren al número de vacunados en relación con la población del mismo grupo de edad

Sources (click to see the list) | Graphics and data processing: cvcanarias Updated: 06/11/2021

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