Total cases per island and differences with previous day

Last updated: Today 28/01/2022

± The differences are calculated with the data from the day before (Yesterday)

Island Total
Isolated Hospitalized Critical
Tenerife119,116+59646,652 (+394)780+571,684+19746,248 (+378)360 (+17)44 (-1)
Gran Canaria93,463+91841,899 (+673)480+751,084+23841,604 (+671)251 (+4)44 (-2)
Lanzarote / La Graciosa17,993+814,814 (-72)6313,116+1534,805 (-71)9 (-1)0
Fuerteventura12,384+1196,171 (+107)266,187+126,167 (+107)3 1
La Palma7,921+1001,145 (-90)296,747+1901,136 (-88)9 (-2)0
El Hierro1,463+13218 (-1)51,240+14216 (-1)1 1
La Gomera1,457+11136 11,320+11134 2 0
TOTALS 253,797 1,838 101,035 1,384 12 151,378 815 100,310 635 90

Sources (click to see the list) | Graphics and data processing: cvcanarias

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Highlighted in green = all cases have recovered from the infection

(*) Definition of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Spain

New Cases

Cases Positives



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Information on historical data
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