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Total free units: 1,879 over 5,934

Free beds: 1,596 over 5,457

Free critical units with ventilator: 233 over 402

Free critical units without ventilator: 50 over 75



  • = Number of actives units (all the pathologies)
  • = Pressure from E.R.
  • = hospitalized
  • = Critical units without respirator
  • = Critical units with respirator
  • = Busy units
  • = Busy units COVID-19
  • = Free units
  • COVID patients include both confirmed and unconfirmed suspects
  • COVID-19 emergency admissions are considered to be patients whose first diagnosis is COVID-19 regardless of whether it is a confirmed case
  • Beds and Critical units occupied by COVID-19 cases may not coincide with the reported positive cases in the compulsory disease register as the criteria used for discharges, closures and discharges are different in responding to different functions.

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