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Real time tracking of the COVID-19 spreading in Canary Islands with hospitals and welfare


38038 - Tenerife   207,312
Updated: Today 11/24/2020

Total Cases

3,671 +41

From 01/31/2020

Activos Case Disposition (1)

1,099 +35

530 cases / 100k pop



67.58% of total cases



2.48% of total cases



7.01% of actives cases



1.09% of actives cases

7 days incidence


236 Cases / in 7 days

14 days incidence


448 Cases/14gg

Actives Residents (2)


262 cases / 100k pop

  • (1) = Case Disposition: The positive results confirmed by laboratory test in agreement with the municipality of the primary care centre to which the case is assigned for follow-up are reflected.
  • (2) = Residents: The number of positives according to the patient’s residence (read more). Last updated: 11/23/2020.

Ratio between active cases and inhabitants: 1 / 189

SERVICIO CANARIO DE SALUD - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Nombre Localidad Direccion Código
Telefono Zona
Tipo de
AñazaSanta Cruz De TenerifeCl Bentacayse, Nº 238111922687030AñazaCentro Salud
Barranco GrandeSanta Cruz De TenerifeC/ Ruiseñor, S/n38107922629510Barranco GrandeCentro Salud
Barrio De La SaludSanta Cruz De TenerifeAv De Venezuela, Nº 638007922237570Barrio De La Salud - SalamancaCentro Salud
Casas De Las CumbresSanta Cruz De TenerifeCrta. General, S/n38139922315722Las MercedesConsultorio Local
Dr. GuigouSanta Cruz De TenerifeCl Carmen Monteverde, Nº 4538003922470909Duggi - Centro - Parque MarítimoCentro Salud
Los GladiolosSanta Cruz De TenerifeCl Ganivet, Nº 538007922236690Los GladiolosCentro Salud
Ofra - DeliciasSanta Cruz De TenerifeAvda. Príncipes De España, S/n38010922675100Ofra - DeliciasCentro Salud
Ofra - MiramarSanta Cruz De TenerifeAvda. Príncipes De España, S/n38010922675115Ofra - MiramarCentro Salud
Roque NegroSanta Cruz De TenerifePlaza Roque Negro, S/n38139922315722Las MercedesConsultorio Local
Ruiz De PadrónSanta Cruz De TenerifeC/ Ruiz De Padrón, Nº 638002922533750Toscal - CentroCentro Salud
TabornoSanta Cruz De TenerifeCl Barrio De Taborno, S/n38139922315722Las MercedesConsultorio Local
TagananaSanta Cruz De TenerifeCr Taganana, S/n38130822171558AnagaConsultorio Local
TíncerSanta Cruz De TenerifeC/ El Timple, Nº 1538107822171719Barranco GrandeConsultorio Local

Sources (click to see the list) | Graphics and data processing: cvcanarias

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CASES - Santa Cruz de Tenerife 3,671

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Sources (click to see the list) | Graphics and data processing: cvcanarias

7 days incidence - 14 days incidence - Santa Cruz de Tenerife (*)

(*) Accumulated incidence (cases / population x 100,000). This value has been calculated automatically based on the data recorded in our historical archive from our sources. We assume no liability in case it is incorrect

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Sources (click to see the list) | Graphics and data processing: cvcanarias