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cvcanarias is the shortened form of CoronaVirus in the Canary Islands.
When the Coronavirus pandemic began in the Canary Islands (March 2020), one of the information that mattered most to everyone was "Where I live with my family is it a quiet area?". Our friends and family often asked us for information.
The problem was getting the real data and not depending on the tabloid headlines of the press, the statements of a politician and the multiple and contrasting "voices" on social media.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked all the countries of the world for a daily statistical report over the diffusion of the Coronavirus and each country is obliged to publish this data.
Certainly a country could "cheat" mainly due to the fact that the number of infections depends on a precise variable, that is, the number of tests. However, like it or not, this is the only certified and official data.
Better to have it from the state than from social media or party or tabloid newspapers.
The Government of the Canary Islands is also subject to this obligation and publishes its data through a web interface and a series of documents in electronic format (PDF).
From the beginning we have been uncomfortable with this data, as it is too fragmented and difficult to find on slow screens and difficult visibility on devices such as smartphone or tablets.
Hence the idea of ​​creating a simple and complete interface so that the data is clearly displayed and not using indecipherable and complex graphics.
We are a company that deals with programming, computing and data processing. For years we have worked for companies and organizations that have entrusted us with the display of these data to their users through interfaces accessible to all and easily accessible.
Therefore, we have used our proven technical knowledge this time in reference to the data regarding the Coronavirus in the Canary Islands.
So we started to retrieve the data (see our sources ) and sort it on the site and provide a daily summary in our Facebook page .

Why advertising?

At the beginning we had decided not to use the help of the ads, however, with the passage of time, on the one hand the management costs of the system, due to the influx of visitors, have increased and on the other hand our newsroom (made exclusively of volunteers) had to cope with a greater number of working hours.
Therefore, in addition to the voluntary donations from users it was decided to trust Google Ads, the management of advertising on the pages.
The combination of the two revenues (which covers approximately 40% of the costs), allows us to continue offering for now a service of quality and precision that is essential in this type of applications.

How much profit do you make?

We are a Canarian company (CKWARE Servicios s.l.) and we are dedicated to application software, corporate websites, industrial automation (robot), kiosks and automatic distribution.
A group of volunteer programmers decided to take on this project together with the "project manager".
This is a voluntary project that we consider of public utility that uses the company's web infrastructures for its operation. The goal is to create a self-sustaining system in which user donations and entries advertising manage to maintain the service with an extreme level of quality in the management of the data and in the multiple cross-checks from various official sources.
At the moment, this group still weighs on the company, but we hope to be able to grow and, therefore, become self-sufficient.
Therefore the answer to the question is: it is not a question of profits: for now we are in "loss" but we are happy that the resources coming from user donations along with advertising tickets allow us to wait well.

I am a journalist or webmaster: can I use and show your data?

Of course. We only ask that the source be added: cvcanarias with the link to our site

Can I download your data?

The data are not available for export. We show them in terms of visible elaborations.
If you wish to obtain this information, you must contact the official sources.
If you are a doctor, virologist, scientist, journalist or scholar related to the study of the pandemic that you need the historical data file, please contact us .

I have found an error, how can I tell you?

Write to the email [email protected] indicating the type of error found and giving us any steps to replicate it.

Why not comment on the data?

To each his task. We take care of the numbers and that the numbers match.
We think that the only ones who can comment on the data are doctors and employees in the jobs that carry out their profession every day in the midst of patients.
Personally, we detest television stars, media terrorism, the pleasure of creating panic, spreading fear to the population for the sole purpose of increasing profits.
We believe in the serious and shadowy scientists who are doing their best to get us out of this nightmare.
However, this does not prevent us, from time to time, to provide optimistic data and suggestions to relieve tension.

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